Monday, September 25, 2006

The babies are here!

Just want to send a big congratulations out to the families receiving their referrals today. I know that everyone was hoping that they would get through Aug. this time, but I think 18 days is pretty good considering the last few batches. Maybe we will get through Aug in the next batch, that would be awesome.
What I love about this process is anticipating everyones referral's as though it were our own, seeing the pictures, and then seeing the *real* pictures when they travel, (and it's not a snowsuit oompah loompah baby in the picture) It is total bliss for me to see the excitment, and to think about how this must feel. I will be a complete mess when the time comes around to us. *Just want to remind everyone that they will be paperchasing for #2 or 3 by the time our referral is announced, so don't be worrying that you will miss it, because you will be back in the loop of wonder and awe.
So big hugs, big hoots and hollars, and hip hip hurray, the babies are here!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Why didn't someone tell me??

We interrupt current programming for this very important massage from your local sponsor.
It feels like the world has been lifted, and the world can resume to its normal state of affairs. Why didn't someone tell me it was going to feel so good? I have such a busy day ahead that I don't have time to spend celebrating, however I think I will have a new spring in my step as I go about my very busy day.
So the official wait has begun.
Never thought that waiting would be this anticipated.
Edited #1 Sorry for the LID error, I guess I was so excited(and in a BIG hurry) I hit the wrong number. 9-20-06 will be a date that will forever be blazed into my mind. It took about 5 minutes of looking at the email, and then looking back at the calendar to figure that we got our LID on our LID. Gotta love that international date line. Excuse my typos as well. Boy, can you imagine what the post will be like when we get our referral? Unintelligible.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

We are off to Austin

On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again. Well not really, I feel like all we have done in the last 8 weeks is travel, so I am really not that excited about this trip. At least we are going somewhere reallllllllly good. We are off to a conference in Austin until Sat, and then we will stop and check on the state of affairs in San Marcos. This will be our first visit to see Connor since we took him to school in Aug. We are a teensy tiny bit concerned about the lack of fun he might be having at school *wink, wink* He has since pledged a fraternity since I last mentioned him *smirky, smirky* So our itinerary inlcudes an invitation to the weekly Saturday night Phi Psi party, where Connor is bartending...none the less. I can barely contain my enthusiasm about this impending social event, but you know the old saying...when in Rome do as the Romans do, so when at college, do as the college students do (ROTFLMAO) I must tell you I am a bit intrigued that he even wants us to come to this party, so by all means we will be there with bells on our toes*which is what I think he is scared of* I am sure this trip will also include a trip to Target, and the grocery store. I have my list in hand of what I have been instructed to bring, and we have been told that his days are pretty open to spend time with us *evil roll of the eyes* So a very interesting update will follow *no pictures to follow from the party, unless they still have party pics*
Behave yourselves while I am gone, and I will look forward to checking in to see if referrals come out.

On a final note you will notice that my blog has an AMAZING new look,and loveliness about it. She will be open for business very soon, and you too can have someone swoop in, and bring the loveliness to your life too. Didn't she do a great job?? Let her know by posting some comments on how you think it looks. I am just in love with it. I think it is pure delish, and can't stop looking at it.

Oh yeah, anyone out there from Austin, we are needing a neat,yummy place to take some of our clients on Friday. So any suggestions would be appreciated.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

#2 leaded pencil needed, Eyes on your own paper, Time begins now!

Okay, just wanting to know some personal information about some of my blogger friends out there. Come on it's not like you have anything else to do right now, or you wouldn't be reading this. It's Saturday night, and you are home on the computer, do I need to offer you more?
So lets see what you have to say. Thanks Pomegranate for the nosy neighbor list.
Love J, a.k.a Mrs Kravitz (Bewitched)

*Your child's Chinese name (assuming s/he has or will have one)...are you a) using it as a middle name, b) using it as a first name or c) not using it at all? Why?
No, for lots of reasons.(please no judgemental remarks about this one)

*Red threads - yes or no? Discuss.
No, but I am okay for those that do.

*What are you most looking forward to experiencing with your child/ what do you most enjoy doing with your child?
Spending quality time playing, reading, seeing friends & family, and finally traveling when she is a older. Taylor & Connor have been all over the world-they were and are great travelers.

*Have you been reading a lot of adoption books? Any recommendations?
I have been reading about bonding and attachment(scaring the schiznick out of me)

*What will/do you miss most about your life pre-parenthood?
Probably getting plenty of sleep/not being able to even potty by myself.

*Have you started your nursery, or are you waiting until the time gets closer?
Haven't started yet, but have bought some things, and picked out the fabric.

*Lifebook - excited to start or terrified of screwing it up? Top tip?
Yes, lifebook, yes BIG scrapbook. Looking forward to it!! Save everything, and always take pictures.

*What hobby do you secretly hope your child will take up and love?
Hope she is crafty, I do hope she has a great appreciation of Art like I do, but want her to enjoy playing golf or tennis, or be a big runner, really anything that she feels passionate about.

*Co-sleeping - "well of course" or "maybe but I just don't see any of us would sleep"?
NO! We are going to sleep in her room until she is use to her new surroundings, and new parents. As long as that takes, but she will have to sleep in her crib.(no nasty comments on this one either:)

*If you'd had sole choice of your child's name (assuming you didn't), would it have been different? Wanna tell us what?
I really picked out the name, but we both agreed.

*Is your family and friends really supportive of your decision to adopt?
Our friends & family are over the top excited. Taylor and MIL are the most excited.

*What is your biggest fear while in China?
Sick baby, or getting sick while we are there, but will be armed with an arsenol of remedies, and will hope for the best. Not really scared though.

*In the movie of your life, who plays you?
Sandra Bullock

*Sleeping. Light on, light off?
Lights off, must be pitch black.

*China - experiment with food or not?
Some experimenting, but pls refer to #11 that will curtail the over the top food adventure, if we were just vacationing we would be more willing to to live on the edge.

*Are you planning on learning some Chinese?
Yes, we are both taking a class, but it will be D doing most of the learning. He already knows another language-so his brain will be more effective in that department, but I will go for support, and hold the flash cards. I will however make sure I know some very important phrases

*Will this be your only adoption?
Yes, this will be our only adoption(we just wrote tuition checks for both kids) BIG SIGH!!

*To bow or not to bow? that is the question.
Of course to BOW, a girl can never have too many accessories. I wore a bow until I was 25! Yikes

*What about the 100 wishes quilt? Absolutely, or no way just isn't possible.
No, I don't think a quilt is going to work. I have control issues that I am dealing with, and to have so many random pieces of fabric is probably more than my brain can take. Still thinking about it, the premise is very lovely. I still send blocks to my friends.

*Favorite vacation destination?
That is a hard one. I love St. John, Paris(and most of France), Maui(married there) Maine, Rome(ALL OF ITALY).

*What TV show are you most looking forward to starting this fall?
Amazing Race, Survivor, LOST, Dancing with the Stars. I am an admitted reality TV junkie. D finds this very embarassing. I don't! I forgot about Medium, and Without a Trace. Thank God for Tivo!!

*Patient? Not Patient?
Not patient about waiting for this baby, but usually very patient.

*Favorite sport to watch?

*Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate-if it is ice cream I would really order something coffee flavored

*What's your favorite China adoption blog?
I have so many, but I love Naked ovary, Salsa, Pomegranate, Elsie Everywhere, Walternatives, Moon is always female, Digging a hole to just name a few. These girls are funny, and very talented. My ALT list I check almost everyday, so I enjoy those too.

*Finally what is your guess for how far they will get with referrals this month?
I am guessing Aug 8th. That would be 16 days. I would like to guess Aug 31, but I would be just hoping then, not really guessing.

Okay, so now you know everything, and more about me. You know you want to answer, so lets hear it. I am not feeling overly patient this evening, so lets get moving kids we don't have all night.okay, just leave me a comment so I can come over at look at your answers on your site.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A New Day is coming!!

I can only tell you to hold on to your horses. I have a new blog coming, and I can't wait, I am soooo excited. I have someone who knows what they are doing, and they are willing to help my poor cyber(stupid) soul(two things that make it all good) I promise the boring content will not change, but at least it will be pretty.
I just want to tell you that I am so inspired by all the women (and some men) and their writing abilities. I really look forward everyday to reading these little peeks into their lives. I know more about some of you then I know about some of my closest friends. It is a strange phenomenon, 6 months ago I would have never believed in such interest, or talent coming from reading someone's daily thoughts(blog?? What's a blog?? cause 6 months ago, I didn't really know what a blog was) So many of you are like reading my favorite book, I can't wait for more, or I think do they know how funny they are?? Or what a great writer they are? I really appreciate the honesty in which you share yourself, and the connection you are making, even if you don't know you are making it.
Let's see which one comes first new blog? LID?? If I were a betting women I would bet on the blog- Clearly my agency has no guanxi, since it appears that our dossiers were put at the bottom of the LID pile. We have people stating their DTC that were after some of ours(my agency) and they already have a LID. Guess I can do nothing but wait. But back to the betting thing, go for the blog, the odds are in your favor.

Monday, September 11, 2006

A day we will never forget.

As a former flight attendant(I just left in Dec 05) I see September 11th from a different perspective. Obviously I see the whole traumatic picture, but at the moment it happened I was thinking from a flight crew perspective. As this is the moment in our generation that we will never forget what we were doing at that moment, I too will never forget the immediate sense of loss I felt when I watched the second plane hit the second tower live.
I was not flying that week, I was in KC taking care of my godson Jack. He was two weeks old, my dearest friend Karen (Jack's mom) was with her mother in ICU as her mother recovered from having surgery to remove her cancer that had returned. I had been up a lot that night with Jack, and had just gotten him as well as myself back to sleep when the phone rang. When I answered all I could hear was...Turn on the TV, we just heard that a plane hit the towers in NY. Well being very tired, but being based in NYC for half of my career, I knew that could not be possible. Manhattan in general is not in the flight path of any of the NY airports. I had been based in NY when the bombings took place back in the 90's, I really assumed that was what had happened. Karen had no access to a TV in the ICU, she just begged me to turn the TV on to see what had happened. When I got to the TODAY Show, and saw what I saw, I just could not believe my eyes. But I still thought it had to have been a small plane. Again, the tip of Manhattan is not in the flight path. It was only a few minutes later as I was assuring her that it was an accident, and that it had to be a small plane, that I watched what I will never be able to erase. That dark flying shadow headed straight for the second tower. It was at that moment I knew it was a commercial airliner, and I knew this was not an accident. Being in a state of extreme fatigue, and pure shock at what I was watching, I just had a complete and total meltdown. I hung up on Karen, and just started dialing numbers of some of my closest friends that I knew where flying that day, and were NYC based. I truly felt like I had just witnessed my friends being killed on live television. You could not see the tail on that airplane, and all they could tell you was that the flight had departed Boston in route to LA. I knew that we (DAL) had an 8:00 departure to LA from Boston-I knew this, because I had flown that trip just a few months prior. Later we would find out that it was said that DAL had not been the target of this wrath because that flight historically departed late each day. It may be the one time our on-time performance (or lack thereof) had actually spared us of the direct hit.
Please don't assume that I was only focused on the people who were on-board the planes. I knew that many people had just been killed, but for those hours and days that followed I just kept reliving what I knew had probably transpired on-board those planes. We have been coached, and quizzed, and taught step by step what to do in the event you are hijacked. I knew that the crew had cooperated, and had followed instructions that had been compiled over years from previous hijackings. The crew on-board those flights were not prepared for the ill that lie ahead. In the past you just did as they asked, you would land somewhere, demands would be made etc etc...My only hope is that hopefully Flight 93(Shanksville, PA) was the only one that actually were aware of what was happening. The sheer terror of knowing what was happening is almost more than I can bare. As I sat glued to the TV, and the phone(as everyone was calling me to make sure I was not flying that day) I was hearing more and more about the crews that were working those flights. Most of which were on what we call turn arounds. Which is out and back in the same day, no suitcase required, I will be home for dinner and homework. That just crushed me thinking that some probably dropped kids at school and then headed to work for their turnaround, and planned to be home before bedtime. I thought of the flight attendant that had called in sick that morning, and was replaced by a reserve. How horrified you would be by your fate that day.
I didn't have to return to work until the following week. I happened to be flying a trip that month that laid over in DC, so the rest of the month I flew a variety of trips, none of which included NYC, or DC. I surprisingly was very calm when I went to work. I remember laying over in Albuquerque, and D calling me when I got to the hotel to make sure I was fine. He asked me if I had felt nervous on the flight. Funny, I wasn't, but I also only had 7 passengers(yes, 7 you heard me right) and 3 of those were employees. The weeks that followed were just weird. People were being so nice to us (rather rare in our occupation), people really came together. For something so horrific where we saw the absolute worst in people, it really bound us together, and we saw the absolute best in people.
In the five years since this tragedy, so much has changed in the world of aviation. So many of my colleagues lost their jobs,so many left because the stress of that uncertainity of that enviroment was more than they could take, we can't fly without the stress of the airport experience, now we can't can't even take toothpaste, or shampoo. I have just learned recently that uniformed flight crew is exempt from this policy. Which is great, because I was thinking if I had not left last year, I would be leaving now if I can't bring my own toiletries (I was thinking there are some seriously smelly, non shampooed, sweaters on their teeth flight attendants working the friendly skies right now-ugh)
As we remember this day in our history, my heart goes out to all of the families that have lost a loved one. I often think of the people while they may have not lost someone, they have lost a part of their soul because they witnessed this tragedy first hand-can't even imagine living that experience over and over again in my mind.
The question arises often are we safer now, than we were then?? Yes, is the answer from my aviation perspective. Not because we can't bring shampoo or box cutters on board, but because we have been educated. We will never sit passively by and let this happen again if we can help it.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I fixed it, I fixed it, I fixed it!!

As you can see cybergirl is back. I fixed the profile, and now life can resume as normal. This was keeping me up at night. So in the future if you have any computer issues that you need resolved make sure and call me (NOT) Call the geeks. Please note I did not call the geeks-I really did fix it on my own, but I was just minutes from placing that call-it was really causing a brain freeze. Nicole showed me how to add links to my site (thanks Nic) If you want to be linked just let me know, and I will add you up.
FYI. Feeling better today. Good thing, cause it stinks at the bottom.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jump on the ride to the bottom

I was tagged again to share what I plan to do while we wait for our daughter. Well I am not up for this challenge right now. I have been very upbeat, and positive about this wait until yesterday. Not sure what triggered the downward spiral, but once the move downward started it was a fast ride to the bottom. I am sure I have been so busy lately, that there has not been much time to think about the reality of our adoption, it may have been just reading one too many rumors or board post, or maybe it was just the obscene amount of cold medicine I had taken to try to overtake this terrible cold I have been fostering. Regardless of what triggered the meltdown, it was calm, but it was bad. To read that we could be waiting 3-4 years for our daughter was just more than my brain and my heart could take. We started this journey to a child 3 years ago, and to think that we could have another 3 years to the ultimate end of this journey just seems cruel at this point. We are a very patient family overall. We have had to wait for a lot of things, and we have made an attempt to teach Taylor and Connor about delayed gratification. We are big believers in if it is worth working and waiting for, then it is worth having. But I think this just goes well beyond what anyone should ever have to suffer through.
I spoke to our agency yesterday, and I always do feel better for at least a little bit when I speak to our director. She is a very warm, calm, genuine person who has this amazing ability to calm others. I know that she truly means it when she says that she really can't fathom that the wait will actually extend to that magnitude. But the reality of it is, it is all about the numbers. If the numbers of dossiers don't recede, and the number of paper ready babies doesn't increase, it is a matter of Econ 101-remember the first day of that class? Guns and Butter, supply and demand. Unless the new guidelines are across the board, and no one is grandfathered in, it just seems futile to be in this wait. I have asked about other countries, and about SN. I guess after to talking to "D" last night we have decided that we have to just put some of this aside, keep abreast of the big picture, and not focus so much time on the day to day stuff. Then after the holidays we will reevaluate the situation.
Right now it just feels like it was not meant for me to be a mother. I may have to become more comfortable with that idea. I know that I have so much to do, and I don't feel like doing any of it. I feel so down, so blue, and just feel generally out of control-which is way outside of my comfort zone. I know there are many of you out there feeling the same thing.
I know that people feel like it is all in "God's" time, but sorry, I am not in the mood for that right this minute. 17 year old crack heads go out and get pregnant, is that all in God's time? I am way beyond red threads, ladybugs, and bible verses.
Hopefully I will have a new lease on life tomorrow, but just needed to vent today. I am going to go clean house now, which sounds like such a glorious controlling thing to do-I need at least one thing I can control.
Here's to international adoption. Don't ever get in line behind me at the grocery, because the line I chose always gets longer!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006


7 Things I Want to do Without Dying of Embarrassment

Sing in public(I can't sing, but I would like to be a good singer)
Still wear a big hairbow in my hair(I wore a bow until I was 25)
Wear Laura Ashley dress'(as I did in college)
Go back a be a cheerleader again(I had so much fun with my girlfriends)
Get a brazilian (I am absolutly not ready for this one)
Run in a marathon
Go back to summer camp

7 Things I Cannot Do in the Summer
Go to bed early(too light outside)
Layout in the sun(it makes you look old/frecklely-sure this is not a word)
Fly stand-by on Delta
Vow to not buy birthday presents(we have too many b-day's in the summer)
Let Matty ride in the car(our 12 year old black cocker spaniel)
Go outside(We live in Hell)
Watch TV-it is all reruns-even OPRAH

7 Things I Can Do Which are Meaningless Unless You are Still in Jr. HighThis is really just stuff that is only meaningful if you are in Jr. High

I have 3 BFF
I love really neat pens
I would still love to have a locker(maybe in my closet???)
I still hide my journal
I love to mix several sodas at QuickTrip
I like to pick out what I am going to wear if there is a big event the next day
If I get something new, I like to wear it a lot!! It offically becomes my uniform.
Splits(it hurts, but I can still do them-thank you very much)
I love to listen to songs over and over again.

7 Things Which Attracted me to our House

Double cul-de-sac
Walk to all 3 schools(elementary, middle, and High School)
It has 5 bedrooms, so we liked the size
It has a pool, but wish that we did not have a pool-I don't like being the pool girl!
Close to the airport.
Huge Master bedroom/bathroom and a really big closet.
We have really mature trees
Strangly because it was close to my stepchildren's mothers house.

7 Things I Say Most When I’m Crying

I don't really cry much, but if I do I am usually alone, and I don't say much.
David will say when I am crying "Did you watch Life is beautiful again?"

7 Children’s Books I am Adding to my Own Collection

Goodnight Moon
I love you this much
Shooey & Dot
Where the wild things are
Green eggs and Ham
Oh the Places you will go

7 Children’s Movies I Can Watch for the Bazillionth Time Without Wanting to Rip my Eyes from Their Sockets

FYI, I don't care for cartoons either-as a kid only watched Jetson's, Richie Rich, and then Land of the Lost(that is not animated-remember the sleestacks??)

Willy Wonka (the original, Johnny Depp was too creepy in the remake)
Finding Nemo
Ice Age
All of the Herbie movies
Chitty Chitty bang bang
Mary Poppins
Charlie Brown Christmas

This was kind of hard, so I won't tag anybody, but of course would like to see if we have any of these in common. Leave your comments. I know you are reading it, so just let me know what you think.
Happy Labor Day.

Friday, September 01, 2006

I love Flower's

This was my good news, or my little pick me up. Aren't these beautiful? We took care of our friends dog for 9 days last month, and this is the Thank You we had delivered last night. I love hydrangeas-so these will dry, and last forever. So nice, so not necessary, and so APPRECIATED-Thanks Phil & Myra. Merlot is welcome at our house anytime.
I know everyone is feeling down right now with the prospect of our wait. I know this will sound crazy (what's new) but right now I have to tell myself that this is really not possible. I need to take a deep breath, and reevaluate the situation in January. I just don't feel it in my gut that we could be 3-4 years from our children (the lastest estimates based on current referral times)So lets try and at least wait until the new guidelines are announced, and see who is going to be affected-I think we will be surprised at what the CCAA will do. We are already hearing whispers of some of the guidelines being instituted across the board (regardless of LID) and some guidelines that will affect only newly received dossiers. I think they have to do something to get the wait times down. This may be the only way to do that with the overwhelming number of people deciding to adopt.
We are off again, headed to Houston this afternoon to see our family. It is Labor Day, and "D's" birthday-so we will be FAT and happy this weekend!!! More CAKE-but it is chocolate this time-I do chocolate too, just prefer white.
So I hope everyone has a great,long weekend.