Wednesday, April 09, 2008

We ate, We drank, We laughed, and We shopped

My lack of posting about the big trip to Canton is not for lack of excitement about the trip, it is because it turned into such a BIG trip that a "real" post was necessary.

There are moments in your life that you feel a bit nervous about an event, and then there are others that well, the nerves really are not there at all. This was one of the moments in my life. We have been planning this event for a few months, and until the last minute we were a little unsure of who would be attending the meeting of the minds(or shoppers) But once we were sure the Buttercup was on the plane headed south we knew the weekend would be just as we had hoped it would be.

Buttercup arrived on-time @ the DFW airport, and found her way to a car that we had left for her at the airport....I had a previous engagement that I could not cancel. She then used the mapquest directions to head for home to relax and mostly to let "the baby" out. She made it with flying colors, including her first trip to Chik-filet. I came home to find her with Sophie and wine and flowers on the island. We hugged, and the weekend started. I knew from the moment I met Buttercup on-line that we would be friends. I knew that she would be funny,cute, smart, insightful, and a friend that always makes you want to be a better person. We chatted, and played with Sophie(who loves her aunt Buttercup) Then I told her we had to run a few errands, which she happily agreed to. We picked up Shiyu from school, who has really been looking forward to meeting these girls. We then went home and just chatted, had some wine, and waited for Miss DeRouren to arrive. She did arrive, but her bags did not, and I must say Ame*ican E*gle must have spent a fortune on customer service training and their shi*ty baggage tracking system. We were told the bag was randomly left due to weight, and that it would come in the morning...."A" remained calm, and was such a good sport about it, I would not have been had it been me. Bags or no bags "A" is just as I imagined her to be. She is my secret pal(sends to me) and I can only tell you she has sent me some amazing things in the last year. Anyway, she is darling, fun, a REALLY good mom who adores her boys, she has a great laugh and an amazing smile.....and boy can she shop. We went home and made due without the bags, we talked, and got to know one another a little better, and planned that we would get up and head to the airport, St*rbucks, get ready and make our way East to meet up with Shelba and her friends. Now we would be here until tomorrow if I told you the luggage experience. I will just cut to the chase and tell you that the bag didn't arrive until 3:15 that day, so needless to say we did not make it to Canton until after 6:00 on Friday. Shelba and her friends had made it to the flea market where it was raining, but they risked life and limb and still shopped and had some Texas bar-b-que. I thought Shelba would be taller, but otherwise she was the artistic wonder that I knew she would be, with one of the cutest kids on the planet, and one of the funniest cousins I have ever met(loved you Melissa, and you still don't look a day over 18) Bobbi Jo and Virgina were hilarous, and so glad that I met them. Bobbi Jo good luck on the adoption of your son. Anyway, we made it in time to go to the Chinese seemed to be the local Athens(not GA) dining hot spot. Let's just say that I am certain that Zaget does not know about this dining destination. When Jello, and baklava are on the dessert buffet, you know that you should be eating somewhere else. But the company was immeasurable, hilarious, and I learned that John Tr@volta is gay despite what the average person might say. I also learned that Nicole Kidm@n is really not pregnant....surrogate....SHHHHHHH I learned so much more but I would have to kill you if I told, plus I have sold all of the info to PEOPLE.

The day of shopping in Canton proved to be a wonder of treasures, junk, other peoples junk, and some really good stuff. It was filled with a million dogs, strollers, and fried food. I claim that the best funnel cake maker resides at first Monday trade days....not your run of the mill 1 inch creation, oh no, it is the 3 inch yummy wonder that we enjoyed at the end of our 8 hours of shopping.

The trip home was the highlight: yes if you are ever in the situation of wondering do I take 19 North to Canton or 19 South to Palestine to go back to Dallas.....take 19 me on this one. After seeing the funeral procession in the middle of no where, the dead carcass on the roadside, and the vulture society meeting in the town square.....know that you went the wrong way, and regardless of how fast you drive; someone is going to miss their flight;(

The trip was really an amazing journey of fun and friendship that I would not trade for the world. I had a blast, I think the other peeps had a great time and felt the trip was worth the effort( a lot of effort at moments) I feel like I have made friends for a lifetime, and I privileged to be in the same company of these women. I can't wait to do it again, and go buck wild, and drink some crazyass hillbilly wine, and eat free in the holiday inn express lobby!!!

Thanks girls it was a BLAST!!! Pictures to come tomorrow, okay ONE picture, because I sucked that weekend with my camera.