Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rare dogs, tennis balls, and gas!

Wish I had something really interesting to share, but the truth of the matter is......nothing. Well I guess I shouldn't say nothing, Shiyu made the JV tennis team this week. She is thrilled beyond belief, and this is an opportunity that she would have never had at home. With her 13 hour school day in China there is no time for the tennis team.

We are finally taming the wild beast in Gracie. We are hoping to get a friend for her very soon. She is a friend kind of dog, and we have been looking, and we have found, but it is a secret so you will have to wait along with everyone else. We also found out that Gracie is a flat coated black labradoodle....apparently really rare. I will agree she is rare, but more in a personality way. By the way rare flat coated black labradoodles shed, and they shed A LOT!!! Now there is something rare.

Taylor made a move to Durango to Fort Lewis College(?pretty sure that is the name) She has switched her major(yes, 2 semesters before she is due to graduate)-whatever- She is now an adventure education major, and word on the street is that she will only have to be there an extra semester(on her own dime that is)She is pretty fired up about this move, and very fired up about her major. Yes, if you are wondering that means she can go work for Outward Bound...which she could have with her English degree. But what do we know we are just parents.

D spends all of his free time surfing the web for a new car. Did you even know it was possible to buy a car on the Internet?? I am not thinking this is a good idea either, but again what do I know I am just a girl(or so I have been told)

For me I am planning some trips for us for the last 6 months that Shiyu is here, working hard on PinkPolkaDotz, and still nursing my bad back.

We found out that we are sitting on some natural gas, and the gas company is going to pay everyone in the hood for the rights....it is not a huge amount, but something is better than them stealing it from us. It might actually pay for what we spend on gas each year now.

Oh and we are about to celebrate our 16th month of being LID, that is nothing to celebrate. We are walking, but we are not moving.

Well that is all I have going on here, actually more than I realized when I started this post.

Hope this finds you happy, and smiling on your end.

Peace out:)