Monday, September 29, 2008

Look who's home

Baby Finley is home now. I flew home with her from Birmingham last Thursday, and she was treated like a famous first class passenger. The flight attendants on AA were beside themselves once they laid eyes on her, and Finley never saw the inside of her bag again! They carried her around the plane, she met the pilots, her mommy was treated to a sweet note and some yummy champagne, and then I got to hold her for landing and carried her right off the plane. Thank you to those girls, they made our flight quick, and fun, and memorable. Finley did great, she loves to be held, and snuggle, but she also likes to play tug a war with your hair(ouch) She and Sophie are getting along great. I think Sophie thinks we bought her a toy... a very small toy. Finley only weighs 4 lbs right now. Finley does not hesitate to let Sophie know that she is done playing, or that she doesn't like the game Sophie has picked(pull Finley by the tail game) and seems to be very capable of taking care of herself:) She is a fiesty little 4 lbs:) We are happy as ever to have two now, and we just need to bring home our last little girl, then we will be full!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nursery work has begun

**good idea on the tulle, I will either figure out a way to secure it so that Miss Priss can't take it from the post, or we will do without the tulle:) Thanks for the suggestion. Things we don't always think about.

**I have always needed this room as my guest room, and once Shiyu left, that room really became available for us to start working on the room. No news right now, sorry didn't mean to stir up any notions, just thought I would share what I am doing right now. I do love to walk in there and sit, so I am happy that we did start**

I have always wanted a chandelier in the nursery, and I was so pleased to have found something close to that vision. I think it adds just that little extra that every princess should have in her room. My biggest challenge to date has been those little pink shades. If you have never looked for them, let me explain that they are not easy to find nor inexpensive, but it was something I had to have, and once D had it installed I just had to smile with such accomplishment. If we sell the house, the chandelier is going too!! The picture does not do it justice. We just need to put it on a dimmer now.

First let me say that I love the crib, I think the crib looks amazing with the pink walls(pink potion if you are curious) but that has not how I have felt for almost 3 years. Let me explain; my nephew is 14, and when my SIL was pregnant with him my MIL so generously bought her all of her nursery furniture. This was the crib, and it was beautiful in his nursery. But I had always envisioned either painted white wood or cream wrought iron for our crib. When we announced that we were adopting both my SIL and MIL immediately and generously offered Michael's crib. They said they had both hoped that it would get used again someday by someone in the family. Well with such a gracious offer how could I turn them down? So we happily accepted and loaded it in my car for the drive back to Dallas. While the practical side of me was happy about not having to buy an expensive crib, and the sentimental side of me was happy to use something that had been bought with so much care and love, there was this other part of me that was saying that I have waited nearly 40 years to have a baby, and like your wedding dress you just want to pick it out hand me downs. Well obviously shortly after we took the crib we realized that we would not be getting a referral in 10-12 months as quoted, so we packed it away for "someday" Well as you can see someday has arrived, and when we painted the room, and put the crib together(no easy task) I just couldn't believe that for one second I considered not using this beautiful crib. I think it looks great and it doesn't even have the bedding yet. I think it will look amazing with the bedding. I am going to do tulle down the post to soften it a bit. I discussed with my MIL of putting some sort of small brass plaque with each childs name and birthday on the crib, and we will hope that someone else in the family will decide to use it as well and we can just keep passing it down.

This is the fabric I chose for the bedding. I love any and all Toile, and so I knew that I would always be using a pink toile once I was ready to start searching. So the toile will be the primary fabric on the bumper(with one panel that will have her monogram on of course) and the long crib skirt, and the choc brown shantung will be the ruffle and ties on the bumper, and the bottom trim of the skirt. I am using a pale pink shantung for the curtains, and I need to find one more complimentary fabric to make basket liners and such. The picture below was what I used as my design inspiration.

I still need a really cute dresser that I want to paint either cream or pale pink, and I will use that as a changing table, planning a trip to Canton to look for that piece. I also have ordered an overstuffed glider for the room. It is so comfortable, and look forward to sitting and rocking our sweet girl in it, and hoping that someday when she is old enough to appreciate it, that she will love her room as much as I do:)

Anyway, it feels a bit strange to be working on this room. But it was time, and it has proved to help me feel a bit better, and make things seem a bit more real.
I have loved buying things for her room, and since I have always known what I wanted the room to look like, I have been buying things for a really long time.
I will take a few pictures of the room once it is completed. I still need to get pictures and such on the wall, and then I have ordered a very large cocoa colored monogram that will go over the day bed in her room. I think that will add to the room. So that should arrive in a few weeks, and I can't wait to see how that looks on the wall.

Thanks for looking, let me know what you think. Again, I know it is not finished, but at least it is a start!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Back from Vacation

We are back from our 9 days at the beach! Had a great time, it was hard to come home. But have a lot to share(I think) and will try to get things updated around here soon. Hope everyone is doing great, and getting settled back into the school year.

I have caught up on most of the blogs I follow, if I didn't comment I am sorry, I had a lot to read, and not a lot of time. Fair amount of good things going on, and it was fun to be gone, and come back with so much to read:)

check back, cause I will be back I promise:)