Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One way or another I am going to have a house full of black headed little girls.

Here is our latest baby born:

This is baby Finley, and she was born on Aug 4th. We will be going to get Sophie's little sister the end of September. We can't wait. She is a cocker spaniel.

Here is an updated picture of Miss Sophie who does make my heart feel good.

Sorry to have been such a bad blogger, commentor, and friend. Just feeling guarded, isolated, and trying to just cope. I will again be a good friend. I am thinking of you all, and try to catch up on reading periodically. For my friends that really are getting close, I am really thinking of you. I know the wait and the unknown must seem unbearable, but I hope it all just melts when you finally get that picture.

Taylor is coming home tomorrow, and we are happy to be able to have a little more time with her before she returns to school for her last year. She is doing well, and her leg and ankle are improving everyday. Thank you to everyone who sent us well wishes, they were very appreciated.