Sunday, June 15, 2008

Long way home

After 10 short months(felt like it at least) our exchange student otherwise known as our youngest child Shiyu left to go back to China. The house feels so strange and quiet. She called me from the hotel in Shanghai this morning saying that she was there and ready to take a shower and go to sleep. Then she said how strange it felt for her to not be in her pj's having breakfast with us, and that it is amazing how EVERYONE in China smokes!! I told her to get some sleep, and to call me later.
OHHHHH, I miss her so much already. One of the best experiences of my adult life.
We know she will be back next year for college, so we are just pretending that our youngest is on a year long China exchange:)

Thanks Shiyu Magee for letting us go on this journey of a lifetime with are an amazing girl, and we love you very much!!